What is Dip Social?

Dip Social is comprised of hundreds of thousands of chatrooms for any business or venue around the world. Our chatrooms are linked to businesses via Google API Geolocation (GPS).

A large reason we decided to move forward with Dip Social was because we could not find another app that does the same things that Dip Social does; we could not find a direct competitor in the app/website world.

This sounds similar to MeetMe or Yelp…

We have heard people say we are similar to Yelp or MeetMe. We totally see where this misconception comes from if you have not used Dip Social first hand.

MeetMe is great to meet and talk to random people and Yelp is great for reading reviews and looking at how many stars a business has.

Dip Social is a chatroom for a business or venue. This may be concerts, restaurants, gyms, or even amusement parks.

Think of Yelp but with chatrooms instead of reviews, and no ratings for the businesses. Which is also why we do not compete with Yelp.

  • People go to MeetMe to meet people and make new friends.
  • People go to Yelp to see reviews of businesses and see what food people are eating.
  • People go to Dip Social to talk about businesses or events. Talk with employees and other customers and get instant responses and feedback due to the nature of a chatroom.

Features and control

  • Dip Social is able to control the flow and view rate of a business’s chatroom dependent on the owner’s requests.
  • All owners and managers of venues or businesses are made moderators in their chatroom, which includes a special designation and the ability to mute other users.
  • Dip Social is able to provide the entire chatroom text back to business owners at the end of the month.
  • Dip Social can create a chatroom for any location or event, as well as setting when the chatroom will be gone. Think Coachella, for a one week chatroom.

How can Dip Social help you?

Dip Social is aimed towards helping businesses and consumers increase the ease of communication. Gone are the days of having to call a business to ask questions or run around an event trying to find staff for help.

  1. Provide a chatroom for customers to communicate.
  2. Manage your own business Dipchat.
  3.  Provide live updates or incentives in the Dipchat.
  4.  Receive all perks from the “Features and Control” section.

Today’s world is focused on live communication and instant gratification. Dip social provides this and is an app that the younger generation WILL be using to satisfy these needs; the question is…WILL your business provide it?