Location Based Chatrooms

Dip Social App is comprised of hundreds of thousands of chat rooms, all linked to a business by GPS, providing you real-time, live, unfiltered information.

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Unfiltered and unrestricted information

We developed Dip Social App because we could not find another app that satisfies our need for live communication. What sets us apart is our ability to connect customers with businesses, effortlessly.

Dip in a location to access the chatroom and get immediate responses or feedback from #Dipsters, your fellow users or business owners.

Dip Social for Business

Dip Social App is aimed at helping businesses increase the ease of communication with their target audience. Our platform provides business owners, managers of venues, and event organizers direct access to their customers via chatroom where they can interact, engage, and offer incentives.

To learn more about how you can integrate Dip Social App in your digital strategy to reach your audiences, email support@dipsocial.com.


Ram Kakulavaram
Beta Tester
"I have never seen an app like this. Think old school AIM chatroom combined with Yelp. All real people and real time information, and the best part is that the user is completely anonymous. I love it!"
Siva Kumar
Beta Tester
"This app has some serious potential to explode. Just talking with the two owners, the possibilities are endless. I have enjoyed being a beta tester and can’t wait until the user base grows."
Nader Damerji
Beta Tester
"Dip may be new, but it is definitely going to be the next big app. You can communicate with friends, make new friends, talk about the dip location you’re in, or simply sit back and read the chatter going on."